Evil Genius to Produce Zombie Color Books

Kristi and I are ripe with plans right now as we write (me) and draw (Kristi) our upcoming zombie color books. When we were kids we were always into the spooky things, but sadly, color books never really reflected our interests. I think my best one was a Scooby Doo coloring book that had a happy-looking ghost in it. We had to make do with what we had, and still being coloring fans to this day that sometimes involves subtly changing preexisting color books. Hee-hee. Check out this bastardized color book page by Kristi.


Well, now we’ve decided we need to help out the youth of America and coloring fans everywhere by putting out some scary-themed color books. And first up, we’re doing our favorites—zombies!!! We’re hard at work writing and drawing and coming soon will be Zombie Apocalypse in Ditmas Park and Zombie Pet Parade.

4 thoughts on “Evil Genius to Produce Zombie Color Books

  1. Art restoration! A certain tiny human thought it would be neat-o to color on my coloring. It’s now back to it’s former beauty, using the best museum-quality mediums (white-out and Sharpies) that money can buy. ($0.87 after discount yo!)

  2. Will they be out in time for Halloween & the Zombie Parade in Iowa City?!?!?  Maybe you can get a Zombie Flash Mob there, or more likely NYC,  to appear for a kick-off!!!!


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